City of Falls Church Affordable Homeownership Program

Providing homeownership opportunities in the City of Falls Church to income-qualified buyers


The City of Falls Church Affordable Homeownership Program (CFCAHP) is being financed by funding from Virginia Housing’s REACH (Resources Enabling Affordable Community Housing in Virginia) program, as well as funds from the City of Falls Church. CFCAHP will be managed by The NHP Foundation (NHPF) and the City of Falls Church’s Housing and Human Services Department (HHS).

Over the next year, the City of Falls Church will offer affordable homes at sale prices below market rate to homeowners earning between 50% and 120% of AMI. To participate in AHP, participants must meet certain eligibility and prioritization requirements, outlined below, and should contact the City of Falls Church for initial eligibility screening.

Please read our AHP Policy Manual and review the FAQs to learn more about the program and how it works.


NHPF will purchase and resell homes in the City of Falls Church at a reduced price to first-time homebuyers. Prices will be affordable to buyers at 50% to 120% of AMI. Homes can include single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums.

Interested buyers should sign up here to learn more. Read below to learn about eligibility and prioritization.

Important: All properties that are part of this program will be subject to a Declaration of Affordability Covenants that govern the resale of properties, usage, and material alterations to the properties. Read our summary of the Declaration of Affordability Covenants.


ONE: Check your eligibility: See whether you are eligible to participate in the City of Falls Church AHP


The city will perform all initial eligibility screening of buyers and may prioritize eligible buyers as listed below:

  • First-Time Buyer
    Someone who has not owned residential property and who has not had an ownership interest for three years and does not have any current ownership interest in residential property or more is considered a First-Time Buyer.
  • Primary Residence
    Properties purchased through the REACH Program must be occupied by the homebuyer as the primary residence. Homebuyers may not own other residential property.
  • Household Income
    Households must have annual income between 50% and 120% of the HUD median income for the City of Falls Church. See AMI table.
  • Prequalification
    Must be prequalified by Virginia Housing.


Priority One Ranking Order  
Seniors or persons with disabilities who live in and work for the City.
Seniors or persons with disabilities who live in and work in the City.
Seniors or persons with disabilities who live in the City.
Persons who are homeless

Priority Two Ranking Order
People who live in and work for the City
People who live in and work in the City
People who live or work in the City

Priority Three Ranking Order
Seniors or persons’ with disabilities who do not live or work for the City
People who do not live or work in the City

TWO: Fill out this form to begin the process

THREE: Talk to lender and get pre-approved

Your lender can help you confirm your eligibility for CFCAHP, and will make sure you meet all the program’s requirements. To participate in CFCAHP, your lender must be either a Virginia Housing or a Virginia Housing approved lender. Please work with your lender to submit this preapproval form.
We recommend that you work with one of the following lenders as they are familiar with CFCAHP program guidelines and can provide you with the most accurate preapproval letters:
Richard Donohoe
NMLS: #659392
Ameris Bank
Office: 703-466-4057
Cell: 703-609-0391
Elva D. Bustos

NMLS: #299764
Sandy Spring Bank
Office: 571-597-8297
Cell: 703-597-8297
See our full list of CFCAHP Recommended Lenders. For the full list of Virginia Housing-approved lenders, visit this link.

Email inquiries@fallschurchAHP.org or call 703-248-5005 for the answers to your questions.

Available properties are listed below. You may also sign up to be alerted when additional information or new properties become available online.

Winter Hill Condominium

Renovated 3BR townhome

413 Hampton Court, Falls Church, VA 22046

Winter Hill Condominium

Bright 3BR townhome

402 James Court, Falls Church, VA  22046

Falls Place Condominium

128 Haycock Road, C-5, Falls Church, VA 22046

Park Towers Condominium

Winter Hill Condominium

Covent Gardens Condominium

Are you interested in selling your home to the City of Falls Church for participation in CFCAHP? We are interested in hearing from you. We are able to offer competitive, all-cash offers for homes in the City of Falls Church that qualify for our program.

Please contact inquiries@fallschurchahp.org if you are a City of Falls Church homeowner interested in selling to the City.